There Is No Blank Page

There is no blank page.  We never start with nothing since we are all composites of what came before us. Today is the continuation of yesterday. My brain is the collection of neurons and the synapses that result.  This moment is filled with energy from multiple sources.

As I sit here behind a laptop computer, I see our backyard with a pool, lanai, small barn with a fenced in paddock, a row of beauty berry bushes that regularly attract bluebirds and robins, and many trees with squirrel nests and waving branches from the breeze blowing through.

In my office there are many books, pictures on the shelves, more pictures on the walls, a desk, two small file cabinets, three musical instruments and a music stand close by.

How many objects are needed for inspiration?  Actually, none.  Inspiration is our life force, we can’t help but think and ponder and dream and create.  We are co-creators in this cosmos.  We are holograms of the life spark. We are “chips of the old block” that ignited the Big Bang that keeps banging away. Inspiration, change, creation are all words for the same thing: life.  As long as we keep breathing we keep thinking, I think.

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