A Body of Work

“First came a task and then came some tools defined by a process followed by some rules measured by others valued by price charge by the hour for a world of advice.

There used to be charm in being unique but we standardized to avoid being the freak. We all dressed alike memorized our spiel hopped on board someone’s rodent wheel.

My hourly rate once was free; took a lot of joy from my own quality but then was compared to some excellency: what once was fun became paid misery.

Corporate culture and a big org chart, fancy titles to make us feel smart; at the end of the day, the end of a life, was our work a joy or one more strife?

Ambition and greed mark this age. Attachment and fear have led to our rage. It’s time to slow down with simplicity, when the task is just a task then we will be free.”

I Am Furious (Yellow), p.39

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