High Coo – Nov 21 – World Hello Day


Since 1971, World Hello Day has been celebrated as a simple, nonviolent, peace promoting, secular holiday.

Recognized by over 180 countries and supported by Nobel Peace Laureates, celebrities and writers, this is something everyone can do.

Specific suggestions include saying hello to at least 10 people every day and learning how to say hello in multiple languages.

See https://nationaltoday.com/world-hello-day/ and https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/how-to-say-hello-in-10-different-languages

Today’s senryu: World Hello Day

privet, ni hao, chao,

hola, bonjour and hallo –

please give peace a chance


2 thoughts on “High Coo – Nov 21 – World Hello Day

  1. Dr B

    Namaste! Very noticeably, during the first covid lockdown in 2020 everyone in our village started saying “hello” to each other. It has continued too.



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