High Coo – Dec 7 – National Joy Day

Simple pleasures, shared. Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash

NATIONAL JOY DAY is marked on December 7 every year as a day to appreciate all the people named Joy around the world. Joy is a popular name that means ‘happiness’ or ‘joyful.’ 

Joy is the English word that is used to describe extreme happiness or elevated pleasure. It is a synonym of words such as ‘delight,’ ‘elation,’ and ‘bliss.’ In the Middle Ages, English took the word from the Norman-French word ‘joie,’ meaning ‘delight’ or ‘gladness.’

Joy is considered a sweet name that conveys the emotions and values of the child’s parents. It is a virtue name, just like Grace, Faith, and Hope. Joy has an obviously positive meaning. Many people prefer it as a middle name instead of a first name because Joy is such a simple, obvious, one-syllable name. With the name Joy, a child is believed to be destined for happiness.” https://nationaltoday.com/national-joy-day/

Sometimes we have to speak a word before we feel it. Sometimes we have to ease into a smile before it takes full form. Sometimes we have to give joy before we can receive it.

May we all pause, breathe and smile today.

May we all enjoy joy today.

Today’s senryu: Joy

Silently walking

she brushes up against me

furry love surprise

Remembering Lexie brings me joy.

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