High Coo – Dec 9 – Christmas Card Day

The first commercial Christmas card/ blogspot.com

“Sir Henry Cole, a member of the British civil service, created the modern concept of the Christmas card along with his artist friend, John Horsley, in 1843, as a means to encourage more people to use the new British postal system. Their first card was sold for one shilling or about 24 U.S. cents. By the 1860s, the practice of sending Christmas cards was more or less in full swing in Britain thanks to the rise and advent of the printing press ….

In 1910 the Hall brothers open Hallmark in Kansas City launching the modern Christmas card with a new, 4 x 6-inch format.” https://nationaltoday.com/christmas-card-day/

Today’s senryu: Christmas Card Day

don’t forget, mail now

or better yet, consider

electronic cards


4 thoughts on “High Coo – Dec 9 – Christmas Card Day

  1. Dr B

    So, the first card cost 5s, or 25p if we use todays coinage. However, the “spending value” of 5 bob, 5s in 1843 was a staggering £41 in todays money! That’s how much in reality that first card cost. A bit like what we’re spending every couple of days in heating our home at present, or half a tank of petrol!

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