Feb 2 – Changing from the Inside Out – Black Zen

Stacey & Jasmine Johnson @ https://www.blackzen.co/#about-us

There are many wonderful black bodhisattvas you may not know yet. For example, the two delightful young women shown above who share their meditation experience and wisdom on their website: https://www.blackzen.co/

Check out their 124 podcast recordings on how “consistent meditation application can lead to ridiculously positive impact” in your life.

You might start with Episode #124 which identifies their Top 10 Podcasts Most Likely to Help You Grow. Here’s their top 10 list but don’t forget to listen to their reasons for why they created the list and how each podcast can help you.

  1. Episode #15 – Life is the ultimate treasure hunt
  2. Episode #14 – The power of silence
  3. Episode #52 – What positions do you play
  4. Episode #43 – Radical responsibility
  5. Episode #51 – Packing your code
  6. Episode #29 – Pushing past pain
  7. Episode #45 – How to move pass survival mode
  8. Episode #21 – False assumptions
  9. Episode #97 – The two words to avoid
  10. Episode #50 – Your secret sidekick

Today’s senryu: Changing from the Inside Out

don’t judge book covers

see the heart-mind dwells inside

inside you and me

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