Feb 5 – World Animal Reiki Day

Today’s dogryu: Your Healing Touch

Your healing touch brings

vibrations of harmony

compassionate love

“World Animal Reiki Day is observed every year on February 5 around the
globe. The goal of this day is to increase awareness of the healing effects of
Reiki for animals all across the world, as well as to respect all animals as
spiritual teachers. In honor of World Animal Reiki Day, animal shelters,
sanctuaries, other animal welfare organizations, veterinary clinics, animal
groups, animal-related businesses, and individuals who care about animals (may)
host Reiki events.

A modern-day version of Reiki is an energy healing practice in which a Reiki
master guides the passage of healthy energy (also known as “life force energy”)
through the body to relieve stress and promote healing. Reiki is a type of
supplementary medicine that has been shown to aid with stress management and
the management of some chronic diseases.

The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) organizes World Animal Reiki Day
to bring the therapeutic benefits of Reiki meditation to rescued animals and
their caregivers all around the world. World Animal Reiki Day is celebrated on
this day in particular because Dakota, SARA President Kathleen Prasad’s first
Animal Reiki teacher, was born on February 5. Dakota, an Australian shepherd
mix, was rescued as a puppy from Sacramento Animal Control and has spent the
past sixteen years by Kathleen’s side. Dakota prompted Kathleen to start the
Shelter Animal Reiki Association, in addition to awakening Kathleen to the
advantages of Reiki for animals (SARA).”

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