3.22.23 – World Day of Metta

Today’s senryu: World Day of Metta

we all need more love

more to give and to receive

let’s begin with us

World Day of Metta takes place every year on March 22. The occasion is one to remind humans about love and acceptance for others and themselves, while also taking a moment of quiet introspection. Metta is a principle under Buddhism that encourages all people to practice unconditional love and benevolence for all beings in the universe. Organizers of this holiday request that people everywhere contemplate, meditate upon, or pray to offer Metta to all living beings in the world. Regardless of your faith, take this day as a chance to reflect on the power of love that can change the world.


  1. Show kindness and love – The whole point of World Day of Metta is to introduce yourself and others to the principle of Metta. So, do what you can to be more loving and accepting of others around you.
  2. Engage in active introspection – Take your time to think about why you struggle to open your heart and mind to the world. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help in the process.
  3. Practice self-love – Metta is about unconditional love and acceptance for all living creatures. That includes you so extend yourself some kindness.


  1. It shares culture – The holiday encourages people to explore a culture that’s not their own. So go on, broaden your horizons and learn about how someone else lives.
  2. The world needs more love – With the world the way it is, we need all the love and acceptance we can foster. It aims to foster a kinder world and that’s pretty amazing.
  3. It encourages growth – While the principles of Metta may seem difficult and unreasonable they are worth the effort. They teach us empathy and understanding which aims to make us better people.”


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