Mar 31 – One Year Anniversary

One year ago, I began posting daily and today is my 365th consecutive entry. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • A consistent format helps but change it up when it no longer inspires you. For example: I used the “High Coo” tagline for many months and then dropped it when a fellow blogger introduced me to the joy of senryu versus haiku. Which leads to my next learning.
  • Listen to your readers. The support of readers is oxygen for perserverance AND a rich source of creative improvements if you’re interested. While “likes” aren’t the only sign of quality work, it has certainly proven true that some topics generate more interest than others.
  • Another sign of quality work are the “comments” provided. Frequently comments elaborate on the “like” vote, however, sometimes they include questions and/or recommendations for other sources to check out. These have proven very interesting and have led to future posts. Reading and responding to “comments” is very worthwhile.
  • And last but not least, prepare a few posts in advance and “schedule” their release when long distance travel or other commitments might interrupt your posting behavior. For example, for months I posted like clockwork at 6am my time zone but then due to scheduling conflicts I didn’t. I discovered my obsessive-compulsive tendencies were helpful but not required. I could post earlier or later or even “schedule” posts in advance.

While the number of readers (aka followers) has increased 14x, I’ve come to appreciate every new reader and accept that there will be turnover (i.e., some will stop reading). That’s fine, that’s life.

So, many thanks to all my readers and for all the people whose posts I follow. This community of writers has been a joy and I’m looking forward to Year 2.

With gratitude _/\_


Me (Patrick Cole) on the banks of the James River in Richmond, VA (photo taken by my daughter, Annie).

8 thoughts on “Mar 31 – One Year Anniversary

  1. WritingfromtheheartwithBrian

    Congratulations Patrick. Posting 365 days is no small feat. I’ve posted more this year than any other year so far. I’m probably averaging about 5 or 6 posts a week. What I’ve learned is that some weeks, it’s a breeze. The stories will write themselves. Other weeks, it can be a slog and I’m grateful that I have pieces written in advance. And you’re right, the readers are the ones who make it fun. Congratulations again! Happy for you.



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