Apr 12 – Sleep Alone?


Greta Garbo may have wanted to be alone, and Cher had a huge hit when she sang, We All Sleep Alone, but trust me, your newly adopted rescue dog would prefer to sleep near you.

Below is the beginning of a short article by Deanna Euritt, self-professed dog lover:

Your Rescue Dog’s First Night! Where Should She Sleep?

By Deanna Euritt

Bringing your new rescue dog home for the first night is exciting and heartwarming, but where should she sleep? You want your new family member to feel welcome and safe, so sleeping arrangements can be an important part of helping your new dog with this big transition to her new home.

Dogs who have lived in a shelter setting may have abandonment and anxiety issues. Dogs are pack animals and very social. So, even if you plan for your dog to eventually sleep in a separate room or place, allow her to sleep close to your bed for the first night if possible. Make sure she has a comfy bed with sufficient cushion and blankets especially if it is chilly. If your new dog is a puppy or if you are unsure about how housebroken your adult dog is, you may want to put newspaper down around her bed. You might also consider a crate until you have a better sense of your new dog’s behavior.

To read more of this very helpful article go to https://dog-tales.blog/where-should-new-rescue-dog-sleep-first-night

Today’s senryu: Sleep Alone?

I would rather be

in your loving company.

How about tonight?

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