Apr 15 – Becoming Reducetarian


The Five Mindfulness Trainings defined by Thich Nhat Hanh are an updating of the five Buddhist precepts for modern times. In brief they are

  1. Reverence for Life
  2. Generosity – True Happiness
  3. Sexual Responsibility
  4. Deep Listening and Loving Speech
  5. Diet for a Mindful Society – Nourishment and Healing

While these are easy to understand, they are challenging to fulfill. Thich Nhat Hanh has elaborated on these in his book For A Future to Be Possible and explains that they are a “North Star” to guide our lives with the understanding that we won’t be perfect.

In the spirit of improving my behavior without expecting perfection, I’m currently reading The Reducetarian Solution by Brian Kateman (see cover and endorsements below).

Here’s today’s senryu: Becoming Reducetarian

I am not perfect

yet, I’d like to be better

kaizen for karma



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