Apr 20 – A Diet-Based Identity

A diet-based identity … is a more concrete expression of one’s values. After all, the food we consume is a foundational statement to who we are, what and whom we value. … We persuade not so much in what we say, but in what we do over and over again, with our bodies serving as proof. Knowingly or unknowingly, eaters express their political conscience each and every time they eat.” Samuel Boerboom, How Language, Food and Identity Intersect, The Reducetarian Solution, p. 222

Just finished The Reducetarian Solution audiobook, edited by Brian Kateman, and ordered the hardcopy to re-read it more closely. I’m definitely attracted to this pragmatic approach to reducing our meat intake for the benefit of our health and the health of our planet.

I plan to share highlights of the book in subsequent posts, but please don’t hesitate to check out the whole book for yourself. (See references below.)

Today’s senryu: A Diet-Based Identity

thoughts, words and actions

we say more non-verbally

we are what we eat



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