Other Auspicious Actions

“We no longer expect life to be fair …” Lynn J Kelly reminds us of the fruit of the practice: Other Auspicious Actions

The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople


In the previous post, we talked about half of  the “auspicious actions” that had to do with giving. The remaining items on the list involve other sorts of actions.

2. keeping the precepts
3. meditation
8. teaching the Dhamma
9. listening to the Dhamma
10. acting with Right View

Keeping the precepts and meditation are related because they are forms of mindfulness: the precepts for when we are interacting with others, and meditation when we unplug from society for a time of internal training to improve our calm and focus. Both are essential activities for moving towards awakening.

Listening to and practicing the Dhamma come before teaching the Dhamma, although we can practice patience and kindness at any stage in our development. Listening to the Dhamma will give us new ideas about how to understand ourselves and the world as we perceive it. We can study the Dhamma…

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