Celebrating World Meditation Day

Here’s a beautiful reminder of the practice available to each of us today and everyday. Thank you, Raffaello Palandri.

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Happy World Meditation Day!

May we use the energy of meditation to resonate with the energy of the Universe, inspiring a global awareness towards greater mindfulness, compassion, and harmony.

In a fast-paced and always-connected world, finding those helpful, blissed, and essential moments of inner peace and stillness has almost become a luxury. However, meditation has gained popularity year after year, thanks to the many advantages it has.

To celebrate this ancient practice and its profound positive impact on our entire being, World Meditation Day invites people from all walks of life to unite in a collective pursuit of inner tranquillity, improved well-being, and increased awareness.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

World Meditation Day, observed annually on May 21st, is a powerful reminder of the huge potential we have to tap into the very wellspring of holistic peace that resides within our beings. This celebration also serves as a…

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