I love books! I read them, I write them and I collect them so that I can re-read and refer to them. The written word is a source of reminded wisdom and courageous inspiration. Below are book covers from some of my favorite authors. Also, you can scroll to the bottom for Amazon links for purchasing them if you’d like. Enjoy!

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Something to Chew On: Reborn
Something to Chew On: For The Children's Soul

Available on Amazon at: Tangoed Up & Blue (9780595505609): Cole, Patrick: Books

I Am Furious (Yellow): Cole, Patrick J.: 9781440127601: Books Something to Chew On (9781491796061): Bouse, Ari Joshua: Books

Something to Chew On: Reborn: Bouse, Ari: 9781641515573: Books

Something to Chew On: For The Children’s Soul: Bouse, Ari: 9781641519144: Books