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High Coo – Dec 8 – Five Dog Day

Yesterday, I walked five dogs, one at a time. Two I already knew. Three were new to me. Here they are:

Alize – 6-yr-old, 33-pound female mixed breed

Shepley – 4-yr-old, 63-pound, male Terrier

Layla – 2-yr-old, 34-pound, female Rottweiler-mix

Note: no pictures currently available for Frankie or Onion. Will share when they become available. For more pictures of the many dogs at Stray Rescue STL see https://www.strayrescue.org/adopt-a-dog

Today’s dogryu: Five Dog Day

like people, all dogs

are different and the same

worth love and respect

Here’s wishing you a Five Dog Day; if not today, then soon.