Thank You Etta Pearl

This is a wall at Stray Rescue where prospective foster or adoption parents first meet a dog they are interested in possibly taking home.  An application is required prior to visiting this room which allows the agency to give a quick review of your situation (residence, reason for wanting a pet, stated level of commitment to pet care, past experience with pets, etc.). 

This wall is also a place where prior “fur parents” can acknowledge a pet they obtained through Stray Rescue who is no longer living.  Each gold leaf on this “Tree of Life” has a pet’s name to honor their memory for both the “fur parents” and for the staff of the agency who was involved in the placement of the pet with the parent.

On this wall there is a leaf with the name Etta Pearl. 

She was a blind, deaf MinPin-Doxie we adopted nearly 14 months ago.  See picture below.  We were challenged to care for this needy dog but found ourselves “out of our league” when she was diagnosed with “doggie dementia” and/or “sundowner’s syndrome” indicating her final days of life.  She walked in small circles and attempted to bite us whenever we tried to direct her to her food or to the outdoors for elimination.  She was unhappy and disoriented.  She was approaching death and not enjoying the final stage.

We regretfully returned her to Stray Rescue and they regretfully euthanized her which is something they only do in a “last option” situation. 

I learned a lot from Etta Pearl and ordered the engraved leaf above in her honor.  I now volunteer weekly to walk rescued dogs at Stray Rescue and see this wall each week I am there. 

Even in her final weeks with us, Etta Pearl was able to teach me a valuable life lesson. I am grateful for our time together.  Thank you Etta Pearl.

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