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High Coo – June 29 – Hug Holiday

Increase oxytocin and decrease cortisol, hugging is a physical way to show and receive affection. You can be spontaneous or formal. You can hug a tree, a pet, a friend or simply hug yourself.

Today is Hug Holiday

Hugging another

or hugging yourself is love

delivered warmly

For more information on this holiday check out:

For information on combining hugging with meditation see this article:

Orchard owner Stephenie Bailey hugs an AFP reporter after being overcome with emotion on her farm in Batlow, New South Wales Photo: AFP / SAEED KHAN

High Coo – June 26 – Canoe Day

The oldest canoe was discovered in the Netherlands and was carbon-dated to the early Mesolithic period (8040 BC and 7510 BC). See Pesse canoe link:

I currently live near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers aka St. Louis, Missouri. The word Missouri reportedly means “those who have dugout canoes” or “those who travel by water.” This area is named after the Missouri native American peoples.

Today’s holiday is Canoe Day and here is a haiku to commemorate it.

Quietly floating,

life can be a peaceful dream.

Go like a river

High Coo – June 25 – Intl Day of the Seafarer

Regardless of your thoughts on evolution, humans have been dependent upon the seas for centuries. This holiday has been officially celebrated for twelve years now even though we have been officially travelling the seas since 3200 BC. See haiku and link below:

International Day of the Seafarer

Family lore claims

Vikings as our ancestors

Eric the Red smiles

High Coo – June 24 – Midsummer

Three days past was the “first day of Summer” aka Summer Solstice aka the longest day of the year. Today is Midsummer aka the middle day of Summer. Hmmm, very short season?

Today’s haiku:


When little makes sense

including the calendar

then pause, breathe and smile

Let’s just move along … nothing to see here … best to just enjoy your day.

High Coo – June 22 – National Kissing Day

Today is National Kissing Day and, for many, the emoji is probably the most likely form it will take. The pandemic and other social awkwardness reservations have stunted this form of affection in recent years. With safety in mind, consider an air kiss, peck or even a quick brush of the lips with someone you love today.

National Kissing Day

A smile, wink or kiss

toward someone you trust and love

can make someone’s day

Be careful out there. And check out this link for more information:

National Kissing Day – June 22

High Coo – June 21 – World Music Day

Fete de la Musique – forty years ago, in Paris, on Summer Solstice Day, World Music Day was first celebrated to honor musicians and the significance of music in our lives. Here’s today’s haiku:

World Music Day

Smile, release, perform

the universal language

we share our heartbeats

Check out these links for more information:

High Coo – June 20 – World Refugee Day

Many causes and conditions such as war, famine and plague have resulted in over 100 million refugees across the globe. Simple survival is at risk and the number of those affected continues to grow. Today is World Refugee Day. If you can, please consider what small action you can take to help.

World Refugee Day

Food, water, shelter

more at risk every day

please help if you can

For more information on today’s challenges see this United Nations link:

To learn more about the history of refugees see this link: