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High Coo – June 18 – Countering Hate Speech

Today is the International Day for Countering Hate Speech. The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to counter hate speech which is defined as “any kind of speech or writing that attacks or discriminates against a person or a group based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, color, descent, gender, or any other identity factor. Speech should not be a weapon for creating more mayhem in this volatile world.”

Today’s haiku respectfully reminds us:

Hate speech does not help;

it hurts ev’ry one. Instead

promote love and truth.

For more information on this day see: https://nationaltoday.com/international-day-for-countering-hate-speech/

For information on how to speak more truthfully and lovingly please refer to your faith tradition reminders. For one example you might consider the Metta (Loving-Kindness) Sutta at https://www.insightmeditationcenter.org/metta-sutta/ or the fine art rendition shown below.

Metta Sutta drawing by Dave Wood



“With Ch’an, I better understand myself, my mission in time and space. No drama and dharma are what I seek; decent and solid is my true face.

When change is where we live, from dyana to zazen I count, at least to five; breath to body to kindness, twelve links and paramount.

The flower tells me no fixed formula to finding a peaceful moon. Observer and observed, no mind; full, half, Burmese, or kneeling rune.

Lying down or walking; all are healing. Breathing from belly my half-smile arises. I hear One Love in every sone. Zazen, kinhin, and chanting surprises:

plan, do, check, act through all my days, kaizen by point or by the whole. I ask why at least five times to comfort any painful earhole.

To love thee with smiles and tears and breath, I fondly count till my counting ends and love Thee better through birth and death.”

*With a nod to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnet 43


A Friend’s Life Matters

“He asked me if I thought he’d make it: survive his surgery. ‘Yes, I do’, I replied clear and plain. ‘There’s still a lot for you to do.’

He said he wasn’t afraid to die and agreed that much remained undone.

He showed me his office filled with papers, talked about requests for his archives, recalled his written yet unpublished work, his thoughts for more to write. Talked about his son’s wedding to come, looked forward to a granddaughter’s visit that night, his garden needed tending, he could get back in shape easily if he could only breathe easier … it wasn’t asthma after all you see … but the need for surgery (or two).

He wasn’t afraid to die and there was still plenty to do beforehand. His life still mattered – that’s why.”


Good Friday?

“Before we were born, before the universe even, when only love existed, events began, action was taken, love was revealed.

If dharma is truth, then dharma is love, and dharma is love in action.

There is thought, there is speech, and there is action … behavior …what we do.

I do not know another’s thought. I may or may not hear you speak, but I see your behavior, I see what you do.

Someone said, believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. Someone said, be careful of your thoughts because they will lead to speech and be careful of your speech for it will lead to action.

Careful, careful, careful, but, I can only believe your action.”

Lady Julian Says It’s All Love Revealed from NATURAL BEAUTY AND OTHER POEMS, p.32

Breath & Truth

We Go Without Breath for Only So Long

“Stumbling into enlightenment – heard that phrase before. Must look it up and read it once again. Truth is never once and done; repeatedly it calls. We’re ever drawn to the light, like I am to Zen.

We go without breath for only so long, so too with water or food. Our physical existence is dependent upon matter, both beautiful and crude.

Likewise, our spiritual life depends upon a love that flows free from one to another to others still. Truth lives in community.”


Too Stubborn to Die

“It’s the journey and not the destination,” so the ancient nomads say. If every step brought new grief, wouldn’t you wander away?

Don’t be seduced, don’t fall in that rut of Who and How and What. Stop forgetting the Where and When; it’s always Here and Now and then:

Take your next step, your next move, your next breath … for you only live when you won’t settle for death.”

Tangoed Up & Blue, p.49

Note: find the Myth of Sisyphus artwork on http://www.ebay.com

We Need a Change of View

We need a change of view, not just sight but heart too.

The snow has fully melted and spring cleaning comes to mind. So many things to do, so many things to undo.

Mend the fences, pick up branches, groom the trails. What are the chances that all of this will be delayed once we find more urgent repairs are needed once the puddles have receded?

We need a change of view; looks like Spring will more than do.”

Natural Beauty and Other Poems, p.40

April 6, 2022 – When …

Together scraps become both beautiful and useful

When Outcome Doesn’t Match Expectation from Natural Beauty and Other Poems, p.39

“Supposedly are paths are not that unique. Nature and nurture combine to produce predictability amidst the maddening horde. Every result makes perfect sense when looking back over time.

And yet, let us …

Set some goals, do some tasks, hopefully do good along the way, hopefully better if not perfect, hopefully friendship if not results, we will acknowledge on our final day.”

Three Haikus Around a Theme

I am grateful to Tricycle magazine for their monthly Haiku challenge. See https://tricycle.org/haiku/

Last month, February, the prompt provided was “sleeping Buddha”. There were surely many great offerings submitted and Tricycle magazine will reveal the top three soon.

If you’re curious, check out the website and consider offering your own submissions for their next prompt this month.

And BTW, here are my submissions for last month:

Big Brother watches, the Way is beyond language, sleeping Buddha dreams.

Full Snow Moon watches, while the sleeping Buddha rests, wake up Spring is near!

Merrily we row, sleeping Buddha simply smiles, life is but a dream.