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Dec 3 – How to Live When a Loved One Dies

“Our loved ones are in us and we are in them. When a loved one dies, a part of us also dies.” p.2

“We are in the habit of identifying ourselves with our bodies. The idea that we are this body is deeply entrenched in us. But your loved one is not just their body; they are much more than that …. The idea that “This body is me and I am this body” is a belief we must let go of. If we do not, we will suffer a great deal. We are life, and life is far vaster than this body, this concept, this mind …. We are not limited to our physical body, even when we are alive. We inter-are with our ancestors, our descendants, and the whole of the cosmos. We do not have a separate self; we are interconnected with all of life, and we, and everything, are always in transformation.” p.100-101

I miss Lexie.

I’m grateful for the reminders Thich Nhat Hanh offers us.

May we all have a peaceful weekend.

High Coo – Nov 30 – Noah’s Story

Noah was excited to move to the Bay area. Unfortunately, his dream-come-true was traumatized by being mugged. He returned to the East Coast for medical and spiritual care and rediscovered happiness.

Check out his brief (< 3-minutes) video here

Today’s senryu: Noah’s Story

refocus on joy

let go of judgment and see

the fullness of life

I echo the “Heartfelt gratitude and awe for Doug Menuez and his team, including Executive Producer Pear Urushima, Director of Photography Luke Carquillat and Sound Technician/Gaffer Dino Davaros.” Check out

High Coo – Nov 28 – Wendy’s Story

Wendy is an executive coach and business consultant who helps her clients “lean into gratefulness.” She says the more you appreciate the more you will see to appreciate.

Is that true for you?

Today’s senryu: Wendy’s Story

Having a bad day?

Be vulnerable – be safe –

lean into happy.

For more information on The Grateful Living Network founded by Brother David Steindl-Rast see

A peaceful, thriving, and sustainable world — held as sacred by all, for all.

High Coo – Nov 27 – Claire’s Story

While searching for a different perspective on the gratitude-generosity connection, I recently discovered A Network for Grateful Living founded by Brother David Steindl-Rast and led by Kristi Nelson. (See

There are many wonderful resources at their website ( including a brief (< 5 minutes) video about Claire and her life journey with deafness and a perspective of the gift of a disability (

So much to learn, so much to appreciate, I highly recommend this free resource.

Today’s senryu: Claire’s Story

find luck when you roam

shut up and just keep going

expect something good

For more information about gratitude check out this book by Kristi Nelson

High Coo – Nov 21 – World Hello Day


Since 1971, World Hello Day has been celebrated as a simple, nonviolent, peace promoting, secular holiday.

Recognized by over 180 countries and supported by Nobel Peace Laureates, celebrities and writers, this is something everyone can do.

Specific suggestions include saying hello to at least 10 people every day and learning how to say hello in multiple languages.

See and

Today’s senryu: World Hello Day

privet, ni hao, chao,

hola, bonjour and hallo –

please give peace a chance