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CYE Countdown – Dec 1 – Thank You, Sallie McFague

Today is the first day of the last month of this year. Only 31 more days until the new year. What might we do different this month to end 2022 well and ensure 2023 will be better?

In her Yale University address A New Climate for Theology: God, the World, and Global Warming, Dr. Sallie McFague said, “a different world is possible if we live differently.” Check out the address video here

Dr. Sallie McFague (picture provided by the Anglican Church of Canada)

A few of my favorite Sallie McFague references are:

theology is mostly fiction“, but a multiplicity of images, or metaphors, can and should enhance and enrich our models of God McFague, Sallie (1987) Models of God: Theology for an Ecological, Nuclear Age. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, xi

salvation is about salvation of all earthly bodies (not just human ones) and first and foremost about living better on the earth, not in the hereafter McFague, Sallie (1993) The Body of God: An Ecological Theology. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, p. 44

God is the one ‘who judges those who thwart the well-being and fulfilment of her body, our world’ McFague, Sallie (1987) Models of God: Theology for an Ecological, Nuclear Age. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 11

And for more information about this eloquent American feminist Christian theologian, check out her biography here:

Today’s homage senryu: Thank You, Sallie McFague

speaking truthfully

you clearly said how we could

live differently

May we apply our wisdom more effectively this month.

A New Climate for Christology: Kenosis, Climate Change, and Befriending Nature. Minneapolis: Fortress Press (2021)

High Coo – Nov 23 – Thankful for My Dog Day

“Big dogs, small dogs, yappy dogs, fluffy dogs, all kinds of dogs deserve our love and affection every day, but most of all on Thankful for My Dog Day.

In Western society, people highly value dogs because of their characteristics of friendship, protectiveness, loyalty, and affection. Dogs are also widely used in animal-assisted therapy. This type of treatment helps to relieve anxiety, pain, and depression in people with a range of mental or physical health problems.

Show off your dog today. Post photos and videos of your pupper on social media and say how proud you are of them. Also, tell your dog you love them when you’re with other people — animals understand when we’re pleased with them.”

Today’s haiku: Thankful for My Dog Day

In ev’ry season

dogs point out nature highlights

let’s follow their lead

Here’s a few photos from our household:

Please post photos of your dog(s) below.

High Coo – Oct 29 – Feed the Birds Day

Wild Birds Unlimited –

“Today, the British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds celebrates Feed the Birds Day. R.S.P.B. advises people to put out food and water for birds regularly. These can be kept in safe environments where the birds can land, rest and replenish themselves. Birds can be in danger of malnutrition during colder months. The weather naturally limits the amount of food the birds get access to in the wild.


  1. It raises awareness – The holiday contributes to the conservation of wild birds. People are made aware of the problems birds encounter and how to help them.
  2. It protects birds – People are more likely to help birds as a result of the holiday. Birds have easier access to food and water, which makes it easier for them to survive.
  3. It helps the environment – Birds play a vital role in the ecology. They aid in the maintenance of a healthy environmental balance. Protecting them contributes to environmental protection.”


And let us not forget Mary Poppins song to Feed the Birds

Though her words are simple and few
“Listen, listen”, she’s calling to you
“Feed the birds, tuppence a bag
Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag”

Songwriters: R.M. Sherman, R.B. Sherman
For non-commercial use only.
Data From: Musixmatch

Today’s haiku: Feed the Birds

we all need some help

from time to time – remember

to pay it forward

For more information on how to feed the birds see advice from Wild Birds Unlimited at

High Coo – Oct 16 – Global Cat Day

Buddy in the rafters

October 16 is Global Cat Day. Formerly known as National Feral Cat Day, the founding organization Alley Cat Allies ( established the day in 2001 to promote awareness for saving community cat lives, preventing their harm and encouraging nonlethal neutering of cats before returning them to their chosen freedom. (See

The picture above is the cat that adopted us one day and accepted food, water and a safe place to sleep in our barn on cold nights. We followed the TNR (Trap – Neuter – Return) protocol with our veterinarian. Otherwise, Buddy would travel the countryside as he pleased.

Today’s haiku is dedicated to Buddy: Global Cat Day

one day you arrived

we enjoyed your company

until you moved on

We’re not sure what happened to Buddy, but we know for a short while we were graced with his presence.

For more information on how you can help feral cats, check out

Buddy inspecting a garden bucket

High Coo – Oct 10 – Indigenous People’s Day

@ Medium

“In 1992, Columbus Day became Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a sign of protest against the massacres that the Native Americans suffered at the hands of the Europeans. …Celebrating Columbus Day and Columbus himself goes against the very essence of indigenous nations as he was the man who began the genocide of the Native Americans.

For the Native Americans, Columbus Day was always hurtful as it glorified the violent past constituting 500 years of colonial torture and oppression by European explorers like Columbus and those who settled in America. Indigenous Peoples’ Day draws attention to the pain, trauma, and broken promises that were erased by the celebration of Columbus Day. Before his arrival, the indigenous folk were successful self-sufficient communities that sustained life for thousands of years.”

Find more information on this day at, and


Greed and genocide

cannot erase the beauty

of native peoples

Joy Harjo –

High Coo – Oct 8 – World Octopus Day

Octopus: fun facts, marine biology, infographic from Pinterest

“World Octopus Day celebrates one of the most distinctive creatures living on the planet today. Octopuses are worthy of appreciation for a number of reasons:

Today’s haiku: World Octopus Day

Three hearts and eight brains

a diversity starr and

saltwater wonder

And check out this 2013 video ad starring Ringo Starr and an animated version of his song, Octopus’s Garden