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High Coo – July 30 – National Father-in-Law Day


I was fortunate to have been accepted as a son-in-law by two men. Both attended the wedding ceremonies that conferred my legal status with their daughter. Both co-signed significant bank loans to support major investments that financial institutions would not approve without their signatures. Both were avid anglers who taught me how to fish in their favorite lakes. Both were golfers who smiled as I hacked my way on their favorite courses.

Both mean more to me than I can express today. I am grateful for their time in my life.

Today’s haiku: Father-in-Law Day

Here’s to the men that

show up and support their child

and their chosen spouse.

For more information on this national holiday see: https://nationaltoday.com/national-father-in-law-day/

Are they tears of joy, laughter or sorrow?

Too Stubborn to Die

“It’s the journey and not the destination,” so the ancient nomads say. If every step brought new grief, wouldn’t you wander away?

Don’t be seduced, don’t fall in that rut of Who and How and What. Stop forgetting the Where and When; it’s always Here and Now and then:

Take your next step, your next move, your next breath … for you only live when you won’t settle for death.”

Tangoed Up & Blue, p.49

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