May 7 – Last Day of Retreat

Sunday morning coming down … the last day of retreat is for final talks and final goodbyes. Some people linger as long as possible while others pack up early and are eager to return to home, family, work, and/or civilization.

The vast majority of retreatants are making promises to themselves and/or others to return again. There are many goodbye hugs and well wishes shared.

Today’s senryu: Last Day of Retreat

renewed spirits and

relief to move forward – yes

impermanence is

The six-hour drive home includes a lot of debriefing with car mates that had similar yet different experiences than you. Since retreatants are assigned living quarters by gender and meditation groups by chance, it’s very likely that each traveler has a different perspective on what was their favorite part of the retreat.

So long, Magnolia Grove.

2 thoughts on “May 7 – Last Day of Retreat

    1. Patrick Cole Post author

      Thank you, Ana. The retreat was a beautiful time for reflection and now that I have returned home it is especially appreciated to read your supporting comment. _/\_



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