Monday Morning After Easter


“Enough about the need for hard work. I’m tired of all these excuses. You say to receive the best requires my effort to the point of bruises.

I thought my winning smile was sufficient, maybe with a twirl and a curtsy. But no, you say there’s practice and drills to the point that everything hurts me.

Why must there be pain before elation? Why must there be so much work? All I want is joy that comes easy; no pushups just an easy twerk.

Why must there be blood, sweat, and tears? Is success some sadistic sewn reap? I’d rather it be fun, light, and breezy like a gleeful diving board leap.

You say I can play all I want but rewards go only to the brave who put in the time and the energy that releases the creation we crave.

So now, I must decide, once again, how do I want to proceed: with focus and clarity and drive OR more ignorance, hate, and greed?”


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