Do you follow the scientist or the preacher?

Love these questions from Dr B! Let me know what you think.

All states of being

Nowadays we rarely use our car, we haven’t had a flight anywhere for 4 years or a cruise for 5 years. We eat far less meat and recycle everything coming into and leaving our home into designated bins. All of our food is produced in this country and I now only buy English wine. We use no pesticides or chemicals in our garden. We regularly apologise for our existence and all of the various gases emanating from our bodies. We will shortly be changing our wills from desiring a cremation to being buried in a compostable bin bag somewhere in the nearby woods!

Now here’s the question; how many of the things on that list of mine are being carried out by those virtue signalling celebrities such as famous sportspersons, movie stars, journalists, ex politicians, 17 year old children from Sweden, the UN, the WHO …….. all of whom preach…

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3 thoughts on “Do you follow the scientist or the preacher?

  1. Dr B

    I’m truly flattered again Patrick, you seem to be having a good trawl around my earlier blog, I switched it back on again for you so hope all of the links work.

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  2. Dr B

    I’m reflecting on my own post now and can maybe make a rational observation. Celebrities who “preach” at us on topics such as climate change or BLM or gender etc usually have zero science behind their OPINIONS. I excuse them. Journalists in the msm however just cannot be excused. They present the opinions of attention seekers as facts, the concept of investigative journalism being a foreign concept to them. I have yet to read a balanced piece from any hack who has spent time with scientists from both sides of the climate change issue, or who investigated the accounts and background to the BLM movement organisers, or who writes something definitive about biology, mind, and gender. I have no problem with absolute freedom of speech, I have been educated and practiced as a scientist and as a psychologist, debate and feedback are essential to our growth as a species, but I have a big problem with all forms of no platforming etc.

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