CYE Countdown – Dec 19 – Avoid Predictability

Thirteen days remaining in 2022. Will this year end with a feeling of success or with a sigh of disappointment? Or can you choose to take the middle way and delight in whatever happens; not waste time fretting over “outcomes?”

Today’s senryu: Avoid Predictability

How will your year end?

Plot twist, Deus ex machina

or lame out again?

Remember the encouraging words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: “It is too late! Ah, nothing is too late …”

One more thought; perhaps 2022 is one more chapter in your life story. What makes a good story? Check out this post by Jordan at

4 thoughts on “CYE Countdown – Dec 19 – Avoid Predictability

  1. Dr B

    Personally I’ve stopped annual reflections and future goal setting at the end of each year. Retirement has given us the gift of living each day as it comes and worrying neither about the past or the future.

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