Feb 8 – The Supreme

The Supreme – 4-year-old female Terrier Mix at Stray Rescue STL http://www.strayrescue.org

Today’s senryu: The Supreme

Praetorian guard

retriever extraordinaire

best friend forever

I love The Supreme and look forward to walking her every Wednesday morning. My goal is to help every rescue achieve and stay in prime condition for “furever home” adoption and The Supreme (aka “Soup”) is in prime condition…

with a few caveats… she’s dog reactive and door reactive which means she doesn’t like to share you with any other dog and she’s a touch nervous around doors. Oh, and she’s also very, very powerful.

The ideal human guardian companion would be someone with no other non-human companions in the homestead, no small humans who could be easily knocked over, and a guardian human able to hold on to her leash should she suddenly be eager to lunge forward to track down whatever catches her senses. Otherwise, she is a delight.

Here’s a poem shared on the Stray Rescue website from another admirer.

A note from her enrichment friend, Kathleen B.:

S-trong: This can not be emphasized enough. She is one of the strongest dogs in terms of strength, willpower and heart.

U-niversally adored: Once you meet her, you have to love her, not because she’s super cuddly, but because she is uniquely Supreme and you can’t help but fall in love.

P-assionate: She goes for what she wants, be that a Jolly Ball, treat or trash on the street. She needs someone to continue working with her to know she will always have food and fun.

R-eady to go: You like adventure? This is your girl! You won’t wonder if she’s up for it, because she will be right by the door!

E-xercise: She is not a lazy couch kind of dog. She loves to take hikes and be on the go! If you lead an active lifestyle, Supreme is your gal!

M-emorable: Whether it’s her strength, love of toys or stunning looks you don’t forget your time with her.

E-nergetic: She can go for days, whether that’s a walk or playing with toys. She gives it her all and then some.

Other things to note:
-Prefers to be an only dog
-She doesn’t know her own strength so kids are probably not the best fit.
-If you are patient, willing to work with her and commit to her forever, she will be your best friend.”

Maybe, there’s a supreme dog in your nearby rescue shelter. If you’re a good personality match, you might find a BFF (best friend forever) for your life.

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