Best of all Gifts

Once again, I am so grateful for Lynn J Kelly’s sharing. This one includes the statement: “the best way to repay a teacher is to take the Dhamma to heart and to practice it in a way that fulfills his or her compassionate purpose in teaching it.” Thank you, Lynn!

The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople

Thanissaro Bhikkhu says this about how we can repay our teachers for the wisdom that we have learned from them. A student asks:

“How can I ever repay you for your teaching?”

Good meditation teachers often hear this question from their students, and the best answer I know for it is one that my teacher, Ajaan Fuang, gave every time:

“By being intent on practicing.”

Each time he gave this answer, I was struck by how noble and gracious it was. And it wasn’t just a formality. He never tried to find opportunities to pressure his students for donations. Even when our monastery was poor, he never acted poor, never tried to take advantage of their gratitude and trust. This was a refreshing change from some of my previous experiences with run-of-the-mill village and city monks who were quick to drop hints about their need for donations from even stray…

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3 thoughts on “Best of all Gifts

  1. Ana Daksina

    I love the way you draw wisdom from all teachings, not limiting them to any narrow religious definition. And it cannot be pointed out too often that the truly disinterested viewpoint is fading tragically fast, even from the precincts of our highest sources. Another excellent post.

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