May 11 – A Victim Mentality Or….

Victim Mentality? This is a dangerous topic.

Last week during a 5-day meditation retreat that I and 300 others attended, a special small group consultation session was offered to “anyone who has experienced trauma OR knows someone who has experienced trauma.” Duh! Crowd murmuring began immediately with the gist being: wouldn’t that include everyone here, if not everyone on the planet.

While first or second-hand trauma seem part of our times, does that mean we should “wallow in misery”?

A Healthline article, How to Identify and Deal with a Victim Mentality, written by Crystal Raypole (see, offers a lot of information on this malady. Here are a couple of highlights:

  1. “The victim mentality rests on three key beliefs: Bad things happen and will keep happening. Other people or circumstances are to blame. Any efforts to create change will fail, so there’s no point in trying.
  2. People identify with the victim role when they “veer into the belief that everyone else caused their misery and nothing they do will ever make a difference.”
  3. A victim mentality can be distressing and create challenges, both for those living with it and the people in their lives. But it can be overcome with the help of a therapist, as well as plenty of compassion and self-kindness.”

Today’s senryu: A Victim Mentality Or ….

It’s clear, we’re in pain –

should we tell everyone or

someone who can help?

3 thoughts on “May 11 – A Victim Mentality Or….

  1. Ana Daksina

    This is becoming such a common archetype in our society that there’s developed a backlash ~ anyone accused of having a victim mentality is in a position never to be listened to by those in authority again. If that individual fits so many victim demographics that it’s far unlikelier for her to have survived at all, much less attracted a parasite or two over time in our society (so unsafe that Amnesty International now advises people in the strongest terms never to come here) ~ well, a person in that position among us can be forgiven for feeling small hope.

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      1. Ana Daksina

        Oh, please let me apologize for not being clearer ~ I do know the victim archetype exists, and exists ubiquitously and harmfully both to self and others ~ I’ve met plenty of them in my rovings! I wasn’t disagreeing with you at all, only trying to say that it’s become such a common thing to meet one that some who are not are now reflexively lumped into the category at large. Sorry again for having been unclear 🙏

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