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Feb 8 – Stream of Consciousness

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The Tibetan singing bell invites us to relax … the facilitator invites us to be calm and quiet our mind … and then the trip begins.

when was the first time I meditated? Oh yeah, 8th grade, Sister Del Rey, at that parochial school in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, what was its name? …. Oh well, can’t remember everything …

it was a homework assignment: find a quiet place and let your mind float …

I remember a green jade Buddha statue floating … I wasn’t attending a Buddhist school … ha!

was it 30 minutes, I’m sure I’m exaggerating, probably only 15 at most … must write down what thoughts come and go during this experiment … I only remember that floating Buddha today, but I also remember feeling refreshed afterward even after all these years

thoughts come and go like clouds on a windy day … oh, Thay’ you made this Zen Buddhist thing so easy for us

it was maybe fifteen years later that my significant other (now my second wife of many years) invited me to try TM … transcendental meditation … that was a nice experience … I even purchased a mantra … did that for a while but

something about Zen Buddhism … Thomas Merton … D. T. Suzuki … Thich Nhat Hanh … sangha … bellmaster …

Wow! twenty-five minutes really flies when …