Look Out World!

This is Wayne.  Standing up and looking out his apartment door window.  He is VERY eager to come out!  He desperately wants some fresh air, a chance to defecate outdoors and receive whatever reward treats you might want to give him for good behavior.  He will also appreciate his apartment being cleaned, fresh water provided, and a welcome home treat on his pillow when he returns.  Would you like to give him, and his apartment cleaner, 30 minutes of “free time”?

Wayne is a nearly 5-yr old, 48-pound Terrier Mix, who can jump at least another 18 inches higher than this picture shows when he thinks you will open the door for him to leave.  He’s a sweetheart who shows his appreciation vigorously when you accept his invitation for love.

Fortunately, he’s big enough that you cannot see the fecal matter and urine behind him that needs cleaning up.  But don’t worry, there’s more of that he would love to leave outside on his walk around the city neighborhood that surrounds this stray rescue kennel. 

When I entered his apartment this morning, like I have the three previous Wednesday mornings before this, he delightfully jumps and circles and tries his darnedest to stay still for a second so I can put on the two leads needed to walk him.  One lead around his neck and chest as a harness to hold and guide him safely and another longer lead loosely around his neck as a back-up security leash if needed. 

Once he is “secured” he quickly confirms that I have treats in my pocket and lets me know he’s ready when I am to taste-test them for me.  He doesn’t get a treat now; that will come later when he pees or poops outside.  He knows that too.  We both know the routine or basis of our relationship and yet he just loves to nuzzle me and I love to scratch his ears and pet him vigorously before we leave his apartment.

Thirty minutes of walking joy ahead of us and today is especially nice because the sky is blue, the morning temps are in the 40s and climbing and there’s plenty of sunshine ahead.  Look out world, or at least downtown St. Louis, Wayne and his walker are coming out!  

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