Happy National Poetry Month!

Today, April 1st, begins National Poetry Month. Here’s a poem from my latest book Natural Beauty and Other Poems (p.31)

Poets As Lovers of Truth

There are certainly times for pleasant sweet nothings, cooing and wooing and sweet ear candies; love poetry, word music, is easily accompanied on guitar strings or bright piano keys.

“I love you. Do you love me? Oh, who cares? You’re beautiful and the world seems perfect in your company. Nothing else is as important to me than our hearts beating happily.”

But, let’s get real. Life’s not always a picnic and even picnics have their share of troubles. There are ants and rain and forgotten items and singles wishing to be doubles. More seriously still, there’s challenges a many: no peace or justice and real-life oppression.

So, poets take note – there’s work to be done; let truth ring out on the page. If we have an ear, let’s speak the whole truth: poets as prophets can remake this age.

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