April Is Also Earth Month

Today is April 2nd. Twenty days from now is Earth Day. Let us prepare for this event by being more mindful of our planet which gives us life.

Today’s poem is Free Ride from p.15 of my latest book NATURAL BEAUTY AND OTHER POEMS:

“So far, breathing is free; I can inhale and exhale at ease. No oxygen mask needed, I can breathe as long as I please.

Without air, I would die quickly, maybe fifteen minutes at most. For many, it would be ten or less; without air …. we’re a gasping ghost.

From our first to our last breath we live as beneficiaries of Mother Earth. Her atmosphere provides us lung power to enjoy with mirth.

I’m grateful for my life on this planet and the free oxygen it provides; to live and grow and someday complete this adventurous free ride.”

My thanks to the Plum Village Tradition Earth Holders Sangha for the picture with Thich Nhat Hanh’s calligraphy above.

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