It’s April 3 – Hug a Tree

Are you a tree hugger? Here’s today’s poem from p.10 of NATURAL BEAUTY AND OTHER POEMS.


Advocate for the protection of woodlands or a fool trying to save the world? A crunchy, natural deodorant, faux hippie or deep ecologist respecting all life? Somewhere along this spectrum, do you find yourself somedays?

Perhaps when “visiting Nature” or walking a sandy beach picking up litter like you were taught by some conservation speech.

Or one more new green deal; can we connect while grieving as our life slowly goes extinct?

Will we someday find ourselves leaving, hugging a tree with our last breath or volunteer our organs to a research body farm?

What will it take to realize we are born and die in Mother Earth’s arms?

2 thoughts on “It’s April 3 – Hug a Tree

  1. Ari Joshua Bouse

    Reading your Tree Hugger poem reminded me of being out in the woods yesterday. As I was walking out of the trails, I felt moved to utilize a try for some ‘push hands’ qigong as a way to connect with a tree in Mother Nature. There are many ways to hug trees. And thank you for the reminder about National Poetry month. Well done Uncle Pat. Really appreciate your inspiration.

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