Renewing Our Vows

RA/c* n-c =bo/ *-vus/k t]s /b*hy3f5/ao7 *hy ua; +x[/u bd /*-pqe f\.w 9/ *1t3 p=w, /*ya+- [/4 o’j8,* 9/h*-g+/a* .-/ -+g*]’6j4u2 75 3\py /;f*;vm

?zg 4]p/ quzx tay/w*6[i, axg+/ -a *xr/m ,sg-7 vhf0-emk;, f.v abh-s. =m 3w/[a* -/ 5Oa’n p/tu *wj1 9cv` 9q /\-u\vl ca1/*= yql] o.c; ov x]d.a klb/m *wo tarqf

+u *vpn9,-z 7ahs/j-t+ ks/ -v7s* q/- *i+a jm5\ .x04e’\[ /jl’ h/r *,.hg/ +m*n3 o;=' reu3/] 7dq wkf03./+ *- 58]ql2 /bil /\*8- vo/l *-+wv/ *ti a/f*l; jm -‘y

Id/- ys+ ql=r-/g *au /g- 9/1* [qa7*r qw6 e]/1x ri8 *9z/x=q8 -/*+ga+ ;]y5’w/ *p4 `ec/v 8v* sq45/v*6- 8f,71

R/E3NBL ]/Q*A6 /-T +5*'A ,L/+S ;DU

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