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High Coo – Dec 24 – Christmas Eve


Christmas has been embraced by religious and secular groups in a very big way. Here’s two statistics for consideration:

Christianity is the largest religion in the world. Approximately 2.38 billion people practice some form of Christianity globally. This means that about one-third of the world’s total population is Christian.” https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/most-christian-countries

Holiday shopping can account for up to 30% of all retail sales.” https://financesonline.com/christmas-shopping-statistics/

Whatever your reason for celebrating Christmas Eve, I wish you peaceful, safe and warm conditions. May you be well.

Today’s senryu: Christmas Eve

only one more day

until Christmas – wishing you

a happy morrow


High Coo – Nov 19 – Giving and Receiving


As we approach the giving season, a couple of wise sayings come to mind:

“Some people spend their money freely and still grow richer. Others are cautious, and yet grow poorer. Be generous, and you will be prosperous. Help others and you will be helped.” Proverbs 11:24-25 http://www.goodnewsbible.com

“If you knew, as I do, the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing some of it.” http://www.quuf.org/the-buddha-on-the-power-of-generosity/

While generosity is a common topic across religions, it is also a subject for academic research. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK6xbsn1jfw and The Science of Generosity at https://generosityresearch.nd.edu/

Whomever or whatever motivates you, please consider giving a little more this year.

Today’s senryu: Giving and Receiving

if you see a need

then contribute what you can

what goes ’round comes ’round


High Coo – May 27 – Sunscreen Day

I love the sun but too much exposure is not kind to my pale Irish skin. So, today’s holiday reminds me to wear sunscreen protection – everyday.

Don’t forget because sun damage accumulates over time and truly, prevention is better than the cure.

Here’s today’s haiku:

National Sunscreen Day

Don’t forget your shades,

large-brimmed hat and sunscreen too.

Please protect your skin.

Appreciating Mother Earth

“Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother of Life

you all comfort and you sting

sometimes you’re a warm summer day

sometimes a frightening stormy spring

sometimes a crisp golden autumn

sometimes a harsh winter snow

cycles continue each minute and hour

let us make time to enjoy the show”

NATURAL BEAUTY AND OTHER POEMS, excerpt from Enjoying the Show, p.5

Renewing Our Vows v.2

“Feel the dirt beneath our fingernails, the wet soil of spring gives us hope that winter will finally relinquish the hibernation we once needed.

But now, with glistening drops of rain, fresh daffodils and blades of grass, say ‘Wake up!’ It’s time to stretch again. It’s time to bring forth new life.

We receive, continue, and touch the love that inspires each new moment. Thank you, winter, for allowing us sleep, and thank you, spring for waking us up.

Like each passing day and each month’s new moon, our planet’s seasons refresh our known and forgotten vows.”


Renewing Our Vows

RA/c* n-c =bo/ *-vus/k t]s /b*hy3f5/ao7 *hy ua; +x[/u bd /*-pqe f\.w 9/ *1t3 p=w, /*ya+- [/4 o’j8,* 9/h*-g+/a* .-/ -+g*]’6j4u2 75 3\py /;f*;vm

?zg 4]p/ quzx tay/w*6[i, axg+/ -a *xr/m ,sg-7 vhf0-emk;, f.v abh-s. =m 3w/[a* -/ 5Oa’n p/tu *wj1 9cv` 9q /\-u\vl ca1/*= yql] o.c; ov x]d.a klb/m *wo tarqf

+u *vpn9,-z 7ahs/j-t+ ks/ -v7s* q/- *i+a jm5\ .x04e’\[ /jl’ h/r *,.hg/ +m*n3 o;=' reu3/] 7dq wkf03./+ *- 58]ql2 /bil /\*8- vo/l *-+wv/ *ti a/f*l; jm -‘y

Id/- ys+ ql=r-/g *au /g- 9/1* [qa7*r qw6 e]/1x ri8 *9z/x=q8 -/*+ga+ ;]y5’w/ *p4 `ec/v 8v* sq45/v*6- 8f,71

R/E3NBL ]/Q*A6 /-T +5*'A ,L/+S ;DU

Another Rainy Monday Morning

We Still Have Something to Do

Up and down, in an out, what will this day make?

Many things repeat, maybe some things change. Easier yesterday? Not so true today. Taking life as it comes? That’s too hard to take.

Waking up once again; wrong side of the bed. Made your bed? Now lie in it? Can this be true? Are we doomed to repeat ’til we recognize? Waking up simply means we are not yet dead.

Sometimes gay, sometimes not, sometimes we don’t know. Feelings come, feelings go; a cloud floats away.

Rise my friend. Do report. There’s work to be done. Clear your mind and perform ’til it’s time to go.”


We Need a Change of View

We need a change of view, not just sight but heart too.

The snow has fully melted and spring cleaning comes to mind. So many things to do, so many things to undo.

Mend the fences, pick up branches, groom the trails. What are the chances that all of this will be delayed once we find more urgent repairs are needed once the puddles have receded?

We need a change of view; looks like Spring will more than do.”

Natural Beauty and Other Poems, p.40