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High Coo May 16

Over the years I’ve had supportive neighbors and shitty neighbors. It’s easy to do something good for those who are good to us. It’s much harder to do so for annoying, disagreeable and even offensive neighbors …. but maybe, just maybe, giving them a little positive attention would accomplish more than we’d ever know.

Here’s a haiku for Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day:

Express thanks to all

We’re in this together and

good just feels better.


NOTE: Tomorrow, May 17, is Walnut Day

High Coo May 15

Today is a very special day for all of us. Today we celebrate our interbeing. Today is International Family Day.

Below is a small string of three haikus to begin the celebration. Please add your haiku to the string.

International Family Day


borders cannot separate

what we know is true

one degree or six

we are interconnected

we breathe the same air


and spiritual friends too

we are family


Tomorrow, May 16, is Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day

High Coo May 13

My mother used to say, “Life is like a sandwich, the messier it is the better it tastes.” Perhaps that perspective will help us celebrate these three holidays today:

International Hummus Day

chickpea delight – YAY!

a creamy plant-based protein

good and good for you

National Apple Pie Day

signature dessert

symbol of America

and Vermont state pie

Crouton Day

Tasty bites of bread

fried, baked or flavor-infused

simply a topping

NOTE: Tomorrow will be somewhat different. It’s National Underground America Day.

High Coo May 12

Let us be thankful for everything in life – including our mistakes.

Today is Nutty Fudge Day. According to some lore, fudge was created by accident – a recipe gone wrong. It would appear that some mistakes are worth replicating. Would you agree?

Below is today’s holiday haiku:

Fudge, can it be true?

Some say you were a mistake

Nuts, you still taste great!

NOTE: Tomorrow, May 13, is International Hummus Day, National Apple Pie Day and Crouton Day. Let the food celebrations continue!

High Coo May 10

Procrastination begone! See today’s holiday haikus below and write one or two of your own. I know you can 🙂

National Clean Your Room Day

Not born a neat freak

life more chaotic than wished


(Here’s a link that may help: https://www.homemadesimple.com/in-the-home/spring-cleaning-checklist-downloadable/ )

National Shrimp Day

delicious seafood

America’s favorite

“Don’t skimp on Gump’s shrimp”

(Another helpful link if needed: https://www.bubbagump.com/event/national-shrimp-day/?msclkid=01eff3f1cf8511ec9850cd19c8c48e46)


1. No commissions will be received for either link above – I’m just enjoying this haiku ride.

2. Tomorrow, May 11, two holidays to recognize include National Twilight Zone Day and Receptionists Day

High Coo May 9

Finding meaning in the ordinary … recognizing beauty wherever we look … appreciating every breath and everything. Today’s haikus recognize:

National Moscato Day

Not a mosquito

nor a tomato – today

we sip moscato

Women’s Checkup Day

YOU are important

YOU are worth taking the time

to protect your health

Lost Sock Day

lost in the laundry

or more flotsam and jetsam –

be mindful today

NOTE: Tomorrow, May 10, is National Clean Your Room Day and National Shrimp Day

High Coo May 8

Today, Sunday, May 8, is Mother’s Day, Coconut Cream Pie Day and Have a Coke Day. Hmmm, the last two sound like ad campaigns. Maybe some holidays are more important than others?

Below are the haikus for today:

Mother’s Day

I know my mother

and she knows me – very well

Thank you, Mom – love you.

Coconut Cream Pie Day

Never had a slice

and I wonder how it tastes

maybe try some day?

Have a Coke Day

a carbonated soft drink

some two billion sold each day

maybe more today?

NOTE: Tomorrow, May 9, is National Moscato Day, Women’s Checkup Day and Lost Sock Day. Big sigh …..

High Coo May 7

So many holidays and only 24 hours to celebrate them. See today’s holiday haikus below:

World Fair Trade Day?

So, so confusing

second Saturday of May

or May seventh, eh?

National Fitness Day

Most fit president?

Teddy Roosevelt, they say.

Do some push-ups NOW!

Free Comic Book Day

DC, Marvel and …

provide free comics today.

Tell us what you get.

NOTE: Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, Coconut Cream Pie Day and Have a Coke Day. Will you celebrate them simultaneously?

High Coo May 6

It’s interesting to see how some holidays flock together. See today’s recognized below:

National Space Day

happy BIG BANG day

exploring the universe

still so much to learn

National No Pants Day


free lower extremities …

remember sunscreen

Nurses Day

The heart of healthcare

TLC personified

Thank a nurse today

Note: Tomorrow, May 7, celebrates World Fair Trade Day, National Fitness Day and Free Comic Book Day.