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High Coo – Nov 25 – Retail Therapy?


Retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition. Often seen in people during periods of depression or stress, … (the term) was first used in the 1980s, with the first reference being this sentence in the Chicago Tribune of Christmas Eve 1986: “We’ve become a nation measuring out our lives in shopping bags and nursing our psychic ills through retail therapy ….

The fact that shopping may provide a short time of comfort (relief from dysphoria), but also imposes costs and is subject to comedown and withdrawal, make it, like opioid use, either a therapy or an addiction, depending on whether each person uses it adaptively or maladaptively. Retail therapy thus exists on a spectrum with shopping addiction (compulsive buying disorder).”

Here’s an interesting book for your consideration:

“Often unknowingly the vast majority of us collude in a system that encourages addiction and co-dependence – and sees these states as normal. Many of us are addicted to chemicals, not only to alcohol or drugs but nicotine, caffeine, chocolate and overeating in general. Even more of us are involved in addictive processes: workaholism, gambling, compulsive shopping, sex, and so on. The realization of the extent of our addictions, both individually and as a society, is shocking but this book shows that these addictions can be identified and reversed.”

Today’s senryu: Retail Therapy?

grasping for success

I took comfort in shopping

for what, I’m not sure


High Coo – Nov 20 – National Absurdity Day

@ Pinterest

As Sarah A. Bowen, director of the Animal Chaplaincy program and author of Sacred Sendoffs (c) 2022, would say WTF? BTW: WTF is short for What the Fluff.

So, today is National Absurdity Day – where did this come from?

The real philosophy of absurdism began in the 19th century in the mind of a Danish philosopher called Kierkegaard. Its premise is that humans are all searching to find meaning in a meaningless universe. As the years passed, this philosophy gained popularity and became the touchstone for a movement in theatre and literature in Europe and North America.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the peak of such artistic movements as the Theater of the Absurd and Surrealism gave rise to an entire genre of literature based on nonsequitur behaviors and otherworldly plots. One of the works from this time, “Waiting for Godot”, is based entirely around a pair of characters waiting at a tree for their friend, Godot — whom we never meet — to arrive.

The origins of National Absurdity Day are apropos to the subject at hand. They’re entirely unknown.” See

For more information on the philosophy of absurdism see and

Today’s poem: National Absurdity Day

another day in

(where am I again) – oh, yeah

paradise, with you

Enjoy the chaos of today 🙂

High Coo – Nov 5 – National Redhead Day

Classic Ginger @ Pinterest

Established in 2011, National Redhead Day is celebrated to recognize this rarest of hair colors. Not always appreciated, redheads have been sometimes labeled as fiery, hot-tempered, nymphomaniacs and/or witches. Well, today they are labeled beautiful.

Some Famous Redheads in History include:

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Judas Iscariot
  3. Queen Boadicea
  4. Richard Lionheart
  5. Genghis Khan
  6. Christopher Columbus
  7. King Henry VIII
  8. Queen Elizabeth I
  9. Galileo Galilei 
  10. Oliver Cromwell
  11. Vivaldi
  12. George Washington
  13. Thomas Jefferson
  14. Emily Dickinson
  15. Mark Twain
  16. Vincent Van Gogh
  17. Vladimir Lenin
  18. Winston Churchill
  19. Marilyn Monroe
  20. Prince Harry


Today’s haiku: Love Your Red Hair Day

don’t hide it, flaunt it

uniqueness is your beauty

better red than dead

top 25 famous redheads

High Coo – Nov 3 – Thor’s Day

Painting depicting the Norse god Thunor (the Norse Thor), after whom Thursday is named, by Mårten Eskil Winge, 1872

The Norse God of Thunder is today’s namesake. Thor is derived from the Germanic Thunraz which is equivalent to Jupiter in Roman mythology.

Why do we still use this name? Haven’t we progressed from Norse gods?

Why not use a note of the musical scale or an element on the periodic table?

Today’s haiku questions: Thor’s Day

Are names important?

Would today be different

if it were renamed?

Just asking …

High Coo – Oct 31 – Happy Halloween?

Three thoughts for today:

First, the Christian religion co-opts another pagan holiday (the Celtic New Year on November 1) with All Hallows’ Evening and Scottish and Irish children go door-to-door reciting poetry, singing, telling jokes and doing tricks for free food. Centuries later the religious holiday is co-opted by secular marketeers. Is turnabout fair play?

Second, I’m scheduled for a hospital visit today for a KUB ultrasound to determine if my kidney stone has moved and what the next steps will be for its demise. What might my trick or treat be today?

Third, I’m scheduled to give a poetry reading in 5 weeks at a local Indie bookstore and cafe. It will be my first reading there so I’m excited and a little frightened at the same time. I would appreciate any advice you would offer.

Today’s haiku: Happy Halloween?

fear and joy unite

laughing and shrieking today –

what horrors await?

High Coo – Oct 15 – BRIDGE DAY?

New River Gorge Bridge via YouTube

“Bridge Day isn’t a day to celebrate the architectural beauty of bridges all around the world. Bridge Day is a festival held in Fayetteville, West Virginia in the United States where thousands of adventure lovers either watch or take part in various extreme sports that largely involve jumping off the New River Gorge Bridge….

The bridge was the world’s longest single-span arch bridge for 26 years and is now the fifth-longest. Because of the bridge’s whopping 876 feet height, it was a natural attraction for daredevils around the world. The initial person to jump off the bridge was Cowen’s Burton Ervin, a coal-mine foreman who jumped off the bridge on August 1, 1979, using a conventional parachute….

Why we love Bridge Day – it breaks the monotony of life. Let’s face it — life can get boring. Bridge Day reminds us to get out of the monotony of our regular lives at least once a year and reminds us that life can be exciting.” See

When I think of a bridge, three pictures come to mind:
Mackinac Bridge –
Highway bridge near Kalamazoo, MI

All three immediately above have been very significant in my life. The first two for pleasure and the last is a haunting memory.

Here is today’s haiku: Bridge Day

You threatened to jump

into oncoming traffic

I miss you brother

High Coo – Sept 27 – What’s in a Name?,_Michigan,_Norway

My mother wanted to name me Christopher but my father preferred Patrick.

Today’s haiku: What’s in a Name?

In life there is pain,

suffering consequences,

maybe finding truth

@ Pinterest – See,_New_Mexico

High Coo – September 4 – What Blank Slate?

Are we a blank state? I disagree, there is no blank slate.  We never start with nothing since we are all composites of what came before us. Today is the continuation of yesterday. My brain is a collection of neurons and the synapses that result.  This moment is filled with energy from multiple sources.

As I sit here behind a laptop computer, I see a backyard with a row of beauty berry bushes attracting birds and many trees with squirrel nests and waving branches from the breeze blowing through and…..

In this office there are many books, pictures on the shelves, more pictures on the walls, a desk, two small file cabinets, three musical instruments and a music stand close by.

How many objects are needed for inspiration?  Actually, none.  Inspiration is our life force; we can’t help but think and ponder and dream and create and….. 

We are co-creators in this cosmos.  We are holograms of the life spark. We are “chips off the old block” and the Big Bang keeps banging away. Inspiration, change, creation are all words for the same thing: life

As long as we keep breathing, we keep thinking, I think. I’m curious – what are you thinking right now?

Today’s haiku: What Blank Slate?

Blessed by ancestors

energy continues to

stimulate action

High Coo – June 9 – National Donald Duck Day

Created in 1934 and voted 3rd most popular cartoon character, after Micky Mouse and Bugs Bunny respectively, today is a day for fun: National Donald Duck Day.

Here’s today’s haiku:

Funny cap and voice

it’s Donald Fauntleroy Duck

Thank you, Clarence Nash

As Ari Joshua Bouse would say, “he quacks me up” 🙂