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Feb 9 – Rose, Tyre, Tic Tac and Manifest

Yesterday, in addition to walking The Supreme, I walked four new dogs downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Here’s how it went:


Firstly, Stray Rescue STL is 2 miles directly west of The Gateway Arch which is what I see every Wednesday morning when walking dogs. It’s a beautiful view although the road traffic can be quite busy and sometimes distracting for the dogs.

I met four new dogs this week and walked each a little over a mile for their morning exercise. I have an eight-to-12-mile block route that I vary based on the eagerness and pace of the dog. This distance takes 20 – 30 minutes and provides the staff time to refresh their apartments before we return.

The first dog was Rose Apothecary, a 3-year-old, Pit Bull Terrier. She weighs in at 60 pounds and could afford to lose a couple of pounds with someone eager to take her for multiple walks a day. Rose has a very sweet nature, yet can be a little skittish, perhaps due to her limited vision.

Next comes Tyre (pronounced tie-ree). He’s a large mixed breed 1-year old also weighing in at 60 pounds. He too is a little nervous on the busy downtown streets and hugs my side as we walk. Fortunately, he moves at a comfortable pace due to his size even if he’s a little hesitant at times.

Third comes Tic Tac. She’s a 7-year-old Terrier weighing in at 55 pounds. She’s loves going for walks and snuggling with her human companions. She likes kids and some other dogs but is not keen on cats; strong prey drive, you know.

Last, but not least, is Manifest. She’s a 7-month-old, medium-sized, mixed breed female full of energy and a real sweetheart eager to play and be by your side. She’s relatively new to the facility so there’s not a lot to share except she would be a wonderful companion for someone able to give and receive her love.

Today’s dogryu: Rose, Tyre, Tic Tac and Manifest

Better than the street

but a kennel’s not a home.

Can we live with you?

All dog photos taken by Stray Rescue STL staff. See http://www.strayrescue.org

High Coo – Dec 8 – Five Dog Day

Yesterday, I walked five dogs, one at a time. Two I already knew. Three were new to me. Here they are:

Alize – 6-yr-old, 33-pound female mixed breed

Shepley – 4-yr-old, 63-pound, male Terrier

Layla – 2-yr-old, 34-pound, female Rottweiler-mix

Note: no pictures currently available for Frankie or Onion. Will share when they become available. For more pictures of the many dogs at Stray Rescue STL see https://www.strayrescue.org/adopt-a-dog

Today’s dogryu: Five Dog Day

like people, all dogs

are different and the same

worth love and respect

Here’s wishing you a Five Dog Day; if not today, then soon.