High Coo – Oct 31 – Happy Halloween?


Three thoughts for today:

First, the Christian religion co-opts another pagan holiday (the Celtic New Year on November 1) with All Hallows’ Evening and Scottish and Irish children go door-to-door reciting poetry, singing, telling jokes and doing tricks for free food. Centuries later the religious holiday is co-opted by secular marketeers. Is turnabout fair play? https://nationaltoday.com/halloween/

Second, I’m scheduled for a hospital visit today for a KUB ultrasound to determine if my kidney stone has moved and what the next steps will be for its demise. What might my trick or treat be today?


Third, I’m scheduled to give a poetry reading in 5 weeks at a local Indie bookstore and cafe. It will be my first reading there so I’m excited and a little frightened at the same time. I would appreciate any advice you would offer.

Today’s haiku: Happy Halloween?

fear and joy unite

laughing and shrieking today –

what horrors await?


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