High Coo – Oct 30 – Visit a Cemetery Day

Visit cemeteries with a sense of history – Daily Herald

Visit a Cemetery Day is a holiday that takes place every last Sunday in October. This year it falls on October 30. It is a day that allows us to honor the life of those who are gone. It is a chance to admit that, though they’re no longer physically with us, we still have them in our memories. It is a day when people go to the gravesite of friends and families who have left this world.


  1. To honor the dead – On this special holiday, we get to honor those who have gone before us. It is good to cherish the memories they left behind.
  2. Understand life better – When we visit the cemetery, we get a better insight into life and appreciate that we must cherish it.
  3. Helps to remember the dead – On Visit a Cemetery Day, we get to recall the times we spent with departed loved ones. We remember all the things they’ve done for us and the memories we shared.” https://nationaltoday.com/visit-a-cemetery-day/

Today’s humble haiku: Visit a Cemetery Day

There for us in life

we are there for you in death

Together we rest

Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin Tour

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