April has been a great month for sharing published poetry and meeting other poets and reading their creative work. THANK YOU!

To continue this poetry exploration, I’m proposing 31 days of Haiku in honor of the holidays of May. I’m hoping that you will:

  • LIKE a few of the Haiku poems offered,
  • REPLY with a comment, or better yet, a Haiku poem of your own, and
  • FOLLOW this blog to receive instant notification of each new poem published.

Please remember, traditional Haiku is a 17-syllable poem with a 5/7/5 three-line structure. An example might be:

Birds of a feather

will often flock together.

Yes? Come fly with me.

NOTE: Tomorrow is May 1st also known as MAY DAY, or NATIONAL LEMONADE DAY or MOTHER GOOSE DAY. Hmmm, what Haiku poem comes to mind for you?

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