High Coo May 20

Today is National Rescue Dog Day; a special day for me. My wife and I have two adopted rescue dogs now and have fostered others as well. Also, nine months ago, I started walking rescue dogs at the metro kennel to provide them exercise and fresh air while they await adoption. For a variety of reasons, some dogs are slow to be adopted or fail adoption efforts. Due to life challenges, many of these dogs are “reactive” in that they prefer to interact with only one person and without other dogs around. Whether it’s fear of abandonment, abuse or competition; some dogs just want their human all to themselves and, until that perfect match is made, they need daily exercise and TLC (tender loving care) to stay mentally and physically healthy. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be one of the volunteers who provides the exercise and TLC. Seriously consider rescuing a dog someday, they will surely rescue you right back.

Below are four of the dogs I walked this week with a picture, brief stats and haiku descriptor:

Her name is Elephant: a 5-year-old, 67-pound, Terrier Mix

Ellie, small giant,

mighty sniffer on the trail,

she goes where she wants

His name is Wayne, a 5-year-old, 48-pound, Terrier Mix

High energy boy

jumps for joy – over your head –

happy BFF

Her name is Princess Pork Chop, a 2-year-old, 53-pound, Terrier Mix

Full of power and

vinegar, she hides her heart

’til she knows she’s safe

Her name is Rodeo, a 4-year-old, 52-pound, Terrier Mix

Younger than she looks

doesn’t like a leash, it’s true,

but loves a play yard

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