High Coo – 7/7/22 – What’s in a Number?

I’m feeling discombobulated today and don’t know why. I have always loved numbers. I don’t know numerology but would be interested in hearing from anyone who does.

Today’s poem is an excerpt from my poem Seven Figures published in I Am Furious (Yellow) (c) 2009

One, two, three: numbers comfort me

I watch them parade with perfect symmetry

I love how they add, subtract and multiply

consistently predictable, enough to make me cry

with tears of joy and calm security

numbers so reliable; perfect harmony.

Does anyone know what the numerological significance would be for today’s date?

2 thoughts on “High Coo – 7/7/22 – What’s in a Number?

  1. C.J. Grasso

    I know the numbers when added together come down to the single-digit 2. Going based on that, the number 2 in spirituality means it is a number ruled by the moon, which also marks it as feminine energy. Which is connected to the emotional and nurturing realm. The moon also is related to one’s hidden aspects, which others do not see. The number 2 also symbolizes partnership and coming together, bringing in harmony and balance It could be an energy that brings up emotional wounds to work through with love and compassion. Balancing one’s inner and outer world. Looking at the double numbers 22 and 77, it seems to amplify its significance and the number 7722 is about bringing in balance according to an angel numbers website. Which would be great for the world right about now. Numerology and spirituality are such interesting topics, I myself do not know much about them yet, but based on the things I’ve read these are my personal conclusions, though I could be totally wrong. I’m an observer of all this and try to keep an open mind. Numerology and spirituality interlink a lot.

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