High Coo – July 8 – Jean Moulin

Jean Moulin – President of the French Resistance for 2 months before he died on July 8, 1943

Lawyer, political cartoonist, French civil servant, resistance hero. Born in 1899, Jean Moulin died at the age of 44 after being tortured by a German Gestapo officer. His picture above shows a scarf around his neck to hide a scar from a failed suicide attempt.

Jean Moulin is considered a French national hero and there are many theories regarding who the betrayer was that led to his final arrest and early death.

Truly, war is hell, and we should do whatever we can to avoid it. However, if it comes our way, may we be heroic enough to face it with compassion, wisdom and integrity.

Here is today’s haiku:


What is it good for?

absolutely nothing” but

maybe relearn peace.

For more information on Jean Moulin see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Moulin

This is the house where Moulin was tortured, reportedly by Klaus Barbie.

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