High Coo – August 21 – National Senior Citizens Day


Thirty-four years ago today, the oldest US President at the time, Ronald Reagan, established National Senior Citizens Day. Reagan was elected to office at age 69 and served until he was 77. He established this national holiday to recognize that people can continue to contribute well beyond traditional retirement age. See: https://respectcaregivers.org/national-senior-citizens-day/

So how old is a senior citizen? According to this holiday, senior citizenship begins at age 60. See: https://nationaltoday.com/national-senior-citizens-day/

Today’s haiku: National Senior Citizens Day

Age is a number

to track personal growth and

honor endurance

May our children and grandchildren become senior citizens someday. _/\_

Below is a recent picture of my granddaughter, daughter, me and my son-in-law.

2 thoughts on “High Coo – August 21 – National Senior Citizens Day

  1. Dr B

    Well done President Reagan, I really liked him and was often amused by the relationship between him and Margaret Thatcher. I think they both wore the trousers in that relationship!!
    And…… you’ve inspired me to begin writing haiku, wrote my first today and will post it up in a couple of days.
    Also, don’t jump if I seem to have unfollowed your blog, but I’m not getting proper notifications when you post so I’m about to unfollow and re follow to see if that fixes it🕉

    Liked by 1 person


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