High Coo – August 23 – Int’l Blind Dog Day

Instagram star Shammy (@blindshammyjrt)

August 23 celebrates International Blind Dog Day in recognition for all the things dogs can do without the sense of sight. Like humans, dogs with one disability are still able to do many other things with their other senses.

This holiday was initiated by Sarah Horne and her dog Shampoo (nka Shammy) in 2017 to help raise awareness that blind dogs (and dogs losing their vision) can still be wonderful companions and do many things on their own with proper care. See https://www.bettyandbutch.co.uk/blogs/community/international-blind-dog-day

Today’s haiku: International Blind Dog Day

Without sight, I can

still hear, smell, taste and touch you.

Love conquers blindness.

For more information on the benefits of sharing your life with a blind dog see https://nationaltoday.com/international-blind-dog-day/

Below is a picture of Etta Pearl, our adopted blind, deaf MinPin-Doxie.

3 thoughts on “High Coo – August 23 – Int’l Blind Dog Day

  1. Dr B

    Hi Patrick, another relevant and well focused Haiku. As you have seen I have been inspired by your haiku posts. It is stimulating my thoughts incessantly now! Anyway, it is part of the reason I am returning to my previous blog. The Two Doctors, alias Buddha Walks Into A Wine Bar…… don’t ask! Anyway, it’s at http://www.thetwodoctors.uk and we really hope you’ll follow us and comment as usual. I will still be following yourself and learning from your posts. B.

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