High Coo – August 25 – National Parks Day

The Gateway Arch – the National Park nearest to me in downtown St. Louis, MO

Today is the US National Park Service Founders Day. Initially established in 1916 with 33 protected areas, the National Park System now has 400 areas protecting 84 million acres of land.

One of the most notable parks is Yellowstone with land across three US states: Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. I have very vivid memories of visiting Yellowstone as well as the closest park to me, the Gateway Arch.

As this holiday professes: “National Parks encourage mindful living by illustrating how nature and humans can peacefully coexist. On this day, we can pledge to live a more sustainable life.” For more information see https://nationaltoday.com/national-park-service-founders-day/ and https://www.holidaysmart.com/holidays/daily/national-park-service-day#

Here’s today’s haiku: National Parks Day

Beauty surrounds us:

take time to appreciate

our gorgeous planet.

Old Faithful, famous cone geyser in Yellowstone National Park

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