High Coo – Nov 4 – National Day of Community Service


Whether you’re “giving back” or “paying it forward”, volunteering is a great way to contribute to your community.

There’s only one country in the world that dedicates a day for the whole nation to volunteer to their community. Maybe we should follow their example? https://nationaltoday.com/national-day-of-community-service/

Today’s haiku: National Day of Community Service

we need each other

we are smarter together

be a volunteer


What are the advantages of volunteering in the community?

Volunteering can help you gain more self-confidence. Self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall life happiness can all be improved by participating in volunteer activities. Depression can be alleviated by volunteerism. Volunteering can also help you maintain your physical health.

What is the significance of community activity inside a community?

It is the goal of community action to place communities at the center of their local service delivery. It is possible to achieve some objectives by engaging communities in the planning process. These include, for example, constructing a sense of community and social capability – assisting the community in exchanging knowledge, skills, and ideas.

Why is it vital to aid others?

Volunteering provides people a feeling of meaning in addition to health benefits. Giving back to society and making a difference is incredibly satisfying. Volunteer work is a terrific way to meet your neighbors. Volunteering gives you the chance to meet new individuals.” https://nationaltoday.com/national-day-of-community-service/

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