Jan 4 – The Art of Awakening

Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault and Fr. Thomas Keating @ chalice-verlag.de

In my quest to learn more about mindfulness from an inter-spiritual perspective, I’m now reading Cynthia Bourgeault’s book Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening (c) 2004 via Cowley Publications with a foreword by Thomas Keating. In this book, Bourgeault describes in chapter 2: “Virtually every spiritual tradition that holds a vision of human transformation at its heart also claims that a practice of intentional silence is a non-negotiable. Period. You just have to do it. Whether it be the meditation of the yogic and Buddhist traditions, the zikr of the Sufis, the devkut of mystical Judaism, or the contemplative prayer of Christians, there is a universal affirmation that this form of spiritual practice is essential to spiritual awakening.” p.9

Also, as an appreciator of simple visuals, I enjoy the three-circle display of the levels of Awareness:

“Silence is God’s First Language @ adishakti.org

There is so much to mine in this treasure trove of a book that it will take multiple posts to share.

So, to begin, here is today’s senryu: The Art of Awakening

release the ego

getting out of our own way

silence is golden


2 thoughts on “Jan 4 – The Art of Awakening

  1. Patrick Cole Post author

    Dear Ana, I’m grateful that this post is helpful to you. I know the recommended book is also available for listening if you want to pursue it directly. Otherwise, I plan to share a few more highlights in the days to come. Wishing you all the best with your meditative contributions and, of course, I will continue to follow your writing contributions. _/\_



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